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Corporate / Personal Sounding Board / Life Coaching

Today, it is quite commonplace for business owners, corporate executives. and other busy and successful professionals to seek out psychologists, not necessarily to treat any serious mental health issue, but rather to serve as a sounding board or a life coach to aid them in acquiring and implementing skills to improve their stress management, information processing / decision making, managing employee issues, overall life-work balance, and other related challenges. By learning how to more keenly and efficiently observe and critique one's own thought patterns through the use of mindfulness and meditation techniques, one can bring greater discipline over one's cognitive and emotional processing, thus decreasing unhealthy stress levels while yielding greater professional and personal satisfaction and happiness.

If you feel that you may benefit from a such services to attain a greater degree of equanimity and tranquility in a world moving at constantly increasing speeds, consider contacting me to see if I may be of assistance to you in your unique pursuit of happiness.